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Our Story
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It was July 2020 at the height of COVID, when Ari Steinberg and Emily Rosen were searching for love. They were introduced through mutual friends on a group text message and they immediately bonded over their love for their Bubbies, importance of community, and frustration that they lived across the country from one another. They had their first phone call on Tuesday and while discussing their fervor for the outdoors and adventure, Ari invited Emily to fly to Denver for a first date that Friday. With almost no reservation, Emily said YES and booked a flight. Their first date was not a traditional one. Ari picked up Emily from the airport in his dirty pick-up truck, Dusty, and from there they went backpacking together for a weekend. They reveled in 48 hours of uninterrupted walking, trout fishing, air mattress floating in lakes, and shortness of breath at altitude. It was love at first hike <3

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